Ideal Date?

Ideal Date?

Val's POV:
My perfect Brooklyite date is: Any time I get to have Tae all to myself. It truly doesn’t matter what I am doing just as long as I’m with her. But, since I am keeping the theme with the blog going If I truly had to sum up an ideal date it would go like this: Outside it would be raining. I don’t know why exactly but rain just does something to me. Inside my world would be simply perfect. We’d be dressed in our lounge wear. Tae with a tank top, wife beater or sweats ( because even when we’re not fucking, I love to admire her physique, my eye candy) her hair pulled back in a slick tight ponytail with her reading glasses on ( damn those glasses…lol) I’d be wearing one of her t-shirts with nothing under. Bare legs and feet. Clean face no makeup, freshly washed curls. I find immense pleasure and peace in our intimacy so the setting would be us on the couch holding hands & cuddling like teenagers. Hunger wouldn’t go unnoticed because we’d have steamed crab legs with lemon butter on hand to snack on while watching Back to back tivo’d episodes of our favorite shows. We’d flush the delectable taste down with ice cold Smirnoff ice. During commercials we’d laugh hysterically, quote and share our views about whatever it is we are watching. Merging our minds. We’d share secrets and stories between interludes. Talk about our dreams and desires, I’d look into her eyes and see the glimmer I put there…one of love. At some point I’d curl up on her chest and we’d take a nap on the couch in that position, remote dangling from her hand. When we woke up we’d retire to our bed and snuggle.
Sex optional

Tae's POV: *rubs hands together* Let’s see… the ideal date is composed of three elements: playtime, lunchtime, and night time. To me that is the perfect recipe for a wonderful day spent with the one you love, my baby. Playtime incorporates some activity that allows you to laugh and see the kid come out in a person. This is the time where a physical activity can be locked in place for flirtatious touching while keeping it innocent. Therefore, I nominate laser tag as a great starter for a date. What better way to get the day going then with a little competition, playfully running into one another while remaining lighthearted. Definitely an ice breaker, especially for first dates. As for me and my baby, it just gives me a reason to let her beat me... so I get my kisses afterwards.

Next on this list, lunch time. It’d be awesome to go to a spot that serves foreign foods that neither one of you have tasted. Why? This strategically links a new experience with the person you shared it with. Whether the food was tasty or disgusting, it still allows for a couple to experience something cultural together.

In between lunch and dinner, a nice walk around central park or a boardwalk could set the mood for the evening. By this time (for first dates) a couple should feel comfortable enough opening up to one another after all they’ve experienced. A couple that has been together could take this time to reminisce. Walks allow the perfect setting for alone time.

To end, dinner at a spoken word joint would wrap up the evening smoothly. Appreciating a third party’s art, in addition to appreciating one another’s company, is only a bonus. Dimmed lights, smooth snapping, jazz tunes and the mature atmosphere that comes with spoken word places (like Bus Boys & Poets) is essential to preserving the sexy of a date. You have to end it classy, with a tinge of sensuality. Yeah, I like that.

Sex mandatory. Hehe.
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Exposing Children

When is it a good time to talk to your children about
your sexuality and lifestyle?

Val's POV: This topic has been on my mind for awhile since I am the proud mom of a seven year old son. I have kept him sheltered for most of his life not bringing him around those I’ve dated over the years... then came Tae….

Together we’re a family. The other day while walking with Jah’mir, Tae asked him “who he thought she was” and he responded “mommy’s friend” which triggered the emotion in me that maybe it’s time we sit him down and tell him together. Children are smarter then we give them credit for. Ignorance and judgment comes from lack of knowledge...if they understand what it is about then they would have a better understanding to make better judgments’ about the situations. Otherwise they will hear it from the outside world and create their views from there. I don’t want to keep who I am away from his so in no way will he think its wrong. Children are much more accepting and supportive. I want Tae and I to sit him down soon and tell him that he now has two people who love him. While our family isn’t the traditional family, it’s a loving and solid one nonetheless. He’s seven and the right age to know the truth. I believe education starts within the family...

Tae's POV: Hmm, if it were up to me, children would be introduced to sexual discussions the same time they're introduced to their body parts... in other words, as soon as they can speak. Just as a teacher would start math with 1+1=2 and progress to calculus.. sexual discussions should begin very basic until the child matures and is able to grasp complex ideas. Within this sexual education, they would be informed that their are different types of relationships, none being better than the other. But hey, that's just me dreaming. Sex talks should start at home, and in my household, they will.

As far as our personal situation goes, I think that Val should sit down with Jah'mir, as mother and son, and inform him of our different, yet loving family. After it is discussed, I would gladly partake in following discussions to reassure him that we are no different than any other family because WE ARE NOT.

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Astrology is bullshit, or is it?

What do you think of Astrology?

Tae's POV: Mmkay, I'll get this out the way early... PLEASE STOP BELIEVING IN THE BOWEL MOVEMENT KNOWN AS ASTROLOGY, it has plagued our society long enough. Seriously, if one more person tells me they act some sort of way because of the month they were born, I will personally print out their horoscope... force them to read it... and show them that it doesn't predict the death they will face when I throw them out the window. *breathes - woosah* ..

Asstrology, correctly categorized as a pseudoscience, provides people with an excuse to act a certain way and blame it on the planets. Pause - first off, if you really read the descriptions characterized within each sign... you will come to see the statements are so damn vague... you'll ALWAYS find something that suits your personality. In other words, I might act like a libra this week because I'm feeling balanced, and a cancer the next week because I'm feeling emotional. Shit is situational... not because the moon wants to move here or there and cockblock the earth from the sun or whatever asstrology claims. *rolls eyes*

Moreover, to the asstrology fanatics who find that every detail of their sign relates to them.... HELLO... have you never heard of the self-fulfilling prophecy? You're so certain you are 'suppose' to act this way... that you carry out the behavior... completing the circle that makes you believe asstrology has any type of substance. Damn shame.

Do you know somebody that is deadset on astrology? Do the little things I do to shake their foundation. Tell them you are a sign that you aren't and I'll bet you $1000 they'll say "Oh, I could tell because you act like.... which is characteristic of your sign". After they complete their clueless spiel... say, "BITCH PLEASE, I lied, now what?" Lmao. Better yet, look through the horoscopes in the newspaper, I bet you'll relate to more than half of them. The statements are so general, you'd have to be out of this world (like me hehe) to not relate to it.

At the end of the day, I'll be damned if the time I am born' dictates what my personality is like.. more than the spirit that lives inside of me. Which is another fishy thing about astrology... why does it focus on 'the day you were born' as opposed to the moment of conception, the moment of your creation? Val... gon' spit cho nonsense.

Val's POV: *mushes Tae & glares at her a lil and presses pause button so I can tug on my baby's* nigga, I like how you go in on something you know would ruffle my feathers a little bit. We got jokes huhn? You a funny dude sometimes. I am kind of feeling this du-blog <--just created a Pro'ism lol I like this open discourse especially being able to read your thoughts on things we haven't discussed in depth yet...I love you! *cracks neck and presses play...lets go*

Let me say this first and foremost the emotions by matter of long windedness I am about to express are solely my personal opinions. I tend to rant when passionate about a topic.

Why do "eccentrics" like me believe in astrology when "logicians" like Tae refute it?

Blame it on my Aquarian traits, *smirking* my upbringing, or things I've seen and witnessed in this life time. While I'm not a church fanatic nor religious by any standard I still believe in a higher power. The greatest mathematician who created the planets which play an integral role in our existence. The stars, moon and sun merge with our souls thus permeating cosmic energy.

Thus, just as a body is made up of bones, fluid and flesh, a soul is made up of astral elements from the Lights and planets.

Astrology is a method of positioning harmonic relationships between celestial bodies. All of it is determined by the daily rotations of the earth. Through the cosmic imprinting of each birth, event or moment in time, we can find the potential within our individual human consciousness, as well as the in pouring of energy that mirrors human evolution and events. ( refer to the book of life spoken of in your churches)

Before birth, each of us chooses a birth time and place - in order to connect with certain other souls, work out past karma, and continue progressing as spirits in human form. There is also a certain element of chance - by necessity and design - that helps to make each of us unique and bring us surprises and new experiences.

Learning about your birth sign in my opinion serves two key purposes: first, you may gain a better understanding of your inborn personality traits and how they serve to strengthen and nurture you; and second, you consciously reunite with the universal elements.. This is a way of opening to the God-force, or universal light of which we are a part of.

Astrology is not simply your daily horoscope. How could 1/12th of the world's population have the same fate as you? Real Astrology is more then that. Your personality has a bit of every sign and every planet in it, it’s a blend of elements unique to you. Regardless of what your astrologer or horoscope may say, your choices will ideally be based on your own inner voice, your higher self -the voice of reason, and clarity. Whatever you get in a predictive reading is to give you insights into trends and possibilities in your future, with a focus on opportunities and feelings, NOT specific events. The intention will hopefully be to help you accept and prepare for your challenges.

God (whomever or whatever that means to you) created our universe ages ago, giving us sapiens, varying visions of spiritual meaning for existence within this universe. Astrology was birth from one of those visions. I actually did a paper in college based on the evolution of astrology within different cultures. It is deeply ingrained in Eastern philosophies, and in the West it has been accepted more often than rejected by popular theology*. It is a living art. Your astrological sign is not a way to cop out on personality problems. Whatever difficult traits you may have are meant to challenge you to become a better, stronger, more spiritual person.

Not predict your many steps. I believe at different times I bear different characteristic traits but I also feel by nature and design I am every bit my Aquarian sign….quote me!

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To Three or Not To Three

Should couples partake in threesomes?

Val's POV: So this topic is something I’ve discussed with Tae before and although we did not get into it in depth, I wanted to speak on it. Some may say bringing a third party into the equation would make a relationship everything but monogamous but I beg to differ. I believe that in the same manner that “You” are able to define or redefine labels and job titles that “a couple” defines what type of relationship they have and sets those boundaries. If Tae wanted a threesome it is definitely something I wouldn’t mind considering it as long as certain rules were followed such as:

No Kissing! ( of any kind ): For me that’s one of thee most intimate acts that one can share., even more then sex.

No one we know! : All I need is for some bitch to fall in love with her stroke and I end up on Americas Most Wanted behind a fantasy that keeps on giving. She would have to have no kind of attachment to either of us.

Not in our home! : This ties in with the above. The bed I share with Tae is the bed I share with her. I need no one else’s scent on our sheets nor do I want someone we have no intentions of seeing again knowing where we live.

We both agree on the prospect and she get tested for STDS before hand: I don’t need any kind of sore as a consistent reminder of a romp… to level the playing field all of us can get tested together. I have to be attracted…even remotely or what would be the point? Tae would have to be as well….

Most importantly though, this is something we would have to discuss in great detail. Sharing our qualms as well. Most relationships aren’t built for this level of eroticism. Trust and a strong foundation is key.

A lot of people would be taken aback to hear that one of my fantasies, involves Tae strapping a beautiful woman. Many will cringe and mumble that would be infidelity on her part but I beg to differ since it’s my fantasy. I am fully aware of what will take place, because you better believe I am going to be close enough to the bed to smell her thrusts. Granted that’s if my baby some day complies with said unorthodox sexual practices. Again, there would be rules. I am aware of the door I’d open up by letting someone else in but the reason id be able to do so is because of TRUST.

Within our union, I am open and receptive to just about anything because I trust her.

Now while joining in doesn’t truly turn me on if it was Tae’s fantasy to have a threesome, id comply. I feel each couple is different, the type of foundation you set and build will set the tone for your relationship as a whole. I am with my best friend. There is nothing I can’t share or anything id be afraid to explore because I trust her.

Tae's POV: To be honest, I feel most couples do not have the secure foundation needed to have sexual explorations with a third partner without things getting messy. On top of that, the planning it would take to ensure everyone is satisfied is a headache in itself. For instance, with all of Val's rules... we would have to find a person who is okay with being 'used'. I'm not sure I feel comfortable with using someone. Moreover, how can you have sex with somebody without kissing them? That's so awkward that I wouldn't enjoy it at all. Don't get me wrong, I DON'T WANT TO KISS ANYONE ELSE. However, if I were to live out any fantasy, restrictions such as no kissing would have to be lifted. Knowing my baby ,she'd say the fantasy is produced in the act of fucking, and not kissing... but what if I slip up and forget? I know exactly what would happen... I'd be picking up the 'extra' person's teeth from the floor after Val knocked them out.

Also, who the hell are we 'threeing' with? A man or a woman. Womp, ain't no way in hell would I like to see a man touch MY GIRL and damn sure not me, lmao. Not that I'm insecure. or a man-hater.. but something about that would turn me way offfffffff. Now a woman, I could see a woman topping Val and vice versa. Although Val swears she will never let somebody else top her, I'd like to see it because it would be an outer body experience. I'd get to see how Val and I make love, without actually being apart of the act.

All in all, I'd have to give a nay to having threesomes. I don't want no other coochie juice on me, *gags*. If anything, considering threesomes shouldn't take place until yearsssss into the relationship. It should not be a crutch for your sexual relationship... only an enhancer. It definitely would NOT be a regular occurence. Eh, I just don't like the idea... maybe I'm too possessive for allat.
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Tae's Bio

As Val's mother would describe me... I am "the man" in this duo, lol. By that I mean I have the more domineering personality, although I am one of few words. I love the arts, but definitely consider myself to live the life of a logician. You know they say each half of the brain is responsible for certain traits. - the right side being the creative side - the left side being she who reasons. Well, call me Mrs. Left because reasoning is my middle name. I find comfort in seeing the ones I love smile and ultimately my dream is to help breathe life into my nuclear family's fantasies. My other dream is to pimp out in a wonderful gaz guzzler by the name of Hummer, but that is neither here nor there.

Despite the negativity surrounding homosexuality in the christian faith, I am still a devout member within a baptist church. Some may feel I am seeking retribution in the same place that condemns my kind, but there is way more to being a christian than that. Hopefully I'll be able to touch on that very subject.

As far as career objectives go, I've been brought up in a family of law... and will continue to uphold the family tradition. I love envisioning me supporting my family just as my dad has and continues to do. Pause - On paper I just realized how conservative I sound, lol.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, before defining myself as any other thing... understand this, and understand this clearly... I AM BLACK. Do not let the pigment deficiency fool you. I take so much pride in my blackness that I'm about to graduate from the finest HBCU to grace this solar system. I'm the one who would've been a black panther... and wore an afro wig since my hair is too thin for allat (cries).

But yeah, I'm Tae.

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Val's Bio

Eclectic. Revolutionary. Strong. Emotional. Stubborn. Rude. Headstrong. Silly. Bitchy. Strange…

Who is Val/Prohood ?

So many adjectives in a multitude of languages and none will accurately describe this Brooklyn bred Miss in entirety.

I am a 29 year old committed Mother of 2 to the son who has my heart, and the puppy who stole a piece and ran with it, “Miss Gracie Monroe Page”. Unofficially on paper but engraved in the stars, I am the wife of Miss Brooklynite herself aka my “daddy”.

Born on the isle of Hispaniola to a Haitian Mother and Dominican father. I am a mutt, just like my Gracie. Bred on the mean streets of East Flatbush. I am a rape survivor, child abuse survivor, domestic abuse survivor. Cancer survivor. See a pattern? The closest adjective I embody in a nutshell is “survivor” Minus Beyonce’s close ups blocking Kelly and Michelle. Lol

I am as versatile as my upbringing. Hood when I need to be and professional at other times because it is not expected of me. I am educated by school and tutored by life. Daredevil and rebel by nature. “Don’t tell me I can’t and I won’t stop till I do!” that’s the motto I’m rocking these days. I love music although I am tone deaf. I love to dance because it’s the most sensual thing other than sex. My pen is gifted. I love to read & write poetry. I am a spoken word poet and aspiring author. I love anything neo soul and black like my unprocessed roots. I love art and anything artsy by black artists. I love the skin I’m in. I am passionate in all things I love. So as the list grows I continue to find adjectives to simulate me as a whole. Simple things make me happy. Sunflowers. Seasoned Crab legs. “Taste of seafood”. Waking up next to Tae. Kissing Tae. Jah’s laughter. Gracie biting my calves during a 4 a.m. run to the bathroom. I own very little yet I am rich. Blessed. I have love from the 3 that matter. I’ll try anything at least once. I am a HUGE romantic. What you have or what you look like doesn’t interest me much. Can you break down a theoretical statement? Are you humane to others? Will you leave a legacy? Those are questions I’d ponder first. Your approach may impress me but the way you speak, the way you walk... *sighs* Oh yea, that’s how I got caught…bagged and bought by Tae. A pair of rainbow uptowns with a sun dress is how I Val, would describe me best. That means in the search to know me I am best at not meeting your expectations. I am a “person”. Mostly feminine with a versatile edge. I have a short fuse especially when it comes to what’s mine. I don’t take disrespect kindly since I try my best to treat people the way I want to be treated. However, that doesn't always work since some people like it rough. So I give it to them. I don't trust most people. Yet, I am an extrovert who is great at making new friends, although I find it easy to delete and replace.

Most folks annoy me and I like keeping a small circle of friends who are like family and occasional associates. I am without a religion, although I believe that God exists, I lost faith in the people. My attention span is approx. .5 seconds long [and that’s pushing it]. Some people think I'm an asshole but I'm actually a bit nice [just easily irritated].I have pretty unpredictable mood swings. People say I’m rude. I say I am bluntly honest.. often too much. I don’t judge, open minded and shit, that’s all ya’ll need to know…. At least for now. Oh and by the way, I’m a lesbian in case you haven’t figured that out. I saved it for last cuz it’s only a small part of who I am. It doesn’t define me but more so I am finding new ways to redefine IT. Wanna get to know the sassy tell it like it is Half of Da Brooklynites…well the above was a preview.
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